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The Exotic Hawaiian Chili

The Hawaiian Chili plant was born out of the Hawaiian Islands and is a unique Hawaiian variety of the famed Tabasco C...

Celebrate Spring and Community at the Bellingham Farmers Market!

Spring is one of our favorite times of year - when the clouds finally part, the sun shines, and farmers markets are overflowing with delicious abundance.

Shrub Farm's FIVE YEAR Anniversary!

Shrub Farm + Apple State Vinegar is turning FIVE! We took a trip down memory lane to our days in Maui, the growth of our family, and where we are now.

Introducing Turmeric and Carrot Shrub!

Turmeric + Carrot Shrub is bursting with fresh flavor and vibrant color. Find out more about our newest shrub, what farms all the incredible ingredients come from, and all the health benefits!

An Oxymel for Immunity (and Happy Bees!)

Marie’s Bees is our farmers market friend and purveyor of the most delicious honey in the world. Yes, that’s a bold c...

The Story of Asanoha

You may have seen the asanoha symbol on all our bottles of shrub and wondered — what is that? What does it mean? Is i...

Healthy, Local Food Delivered Right to Your Door!

Find ways of staying nourished and grounded by supporting local food and local businesses with Salt, Pepper, and Oil!

We Won A Good Food Award!

Our Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Shrub is our most beloved, best-selling flavor - and turns out, the Good Food Awards like it too! We're so excited and honored to be a part of the Good Food Foundation community and have our work be recognized by pioneers in our field.

Good Food Awards

The Good Food Awards celebrate sustainable, thoughtful, delicious food - and we're excited to announce that our Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Shrub is a finalist!
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