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About Our Vinegar

Washington State Grown

Apple State Vinegar is 100% organic, 100% delicious and 100% Washington State! It’s raw, never diluted and packs a powerful punch of flavor and living culture. At 6% acidity (20% stronger than other brands), it’s the best bet for adding to drinks, tonics, dressings, marinades and more.

Our apples are harvested from the beautiful Yakima Valley and the riverside orchards of Okanogan County. We support organic farms that grow sweeter, crispier apples and use more sustainable, low impact agricultural practices!

Conservation in Salish Sea

Our planet is a delicate balance of wildlife and human activity. Earth’s oceans in particular have been overlooked, causing many forms of wildlife to decline in number. In the Salish Sea of Washington and British Columbia some local orca whales need our help to restore their pods to sustainable numbers.

On July 24, 2018, Orca Tahlequah gave birth to her second calf, who died within half an hour of birth. This news brought the health of the orca to our attention and the need to help the conservation of marine life. The southern resident orcas could use our help to restore their numbers. Orca health is deeply connected to the health of the oceans and its fisheries.

Wildlife Conservation

We give 1% of all of ASV and Shrub Farm sales to non-profits that support conservation of ocean habitats. Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy our marine ecosystem that sustains us and support the conservation of wildlife. Thank you for supporting these goals!
Check out our non-profit partners and how they are helping the oceans wildlife.

Orca Prayer Wheel

Local artist Chris Moench (Axis of Hope Prayer Wheels) designed this beautiful prayer wheel bottle especially for Apple State Vinegar. Hand-carved on porcelain, it represents the inspiration behind our brand: bringing land and sea together to support all life while offering a prayer of hope that human prosperity can coexist with conservation goals.

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