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Raspberries and citrus close up

Good For You!

Every bottle of shrub and vinegar is packed with prebiotics, which can boost the health of your gut microbiome - in turn positively affecting every system in your body!

Delicious ACV Everyday

Local Farms

Local farms are at the heart of every bottle of shrub - Washington-grown raw apple cider vinegar preserves the finest fruits and herbs from small farms in Cascadia and Maui.

Inspired Recipes

Start your day with a healthy sparkling elixir, make simple cocktails and cook digestive boosting food. Our shrub and vinegar can take you on a hundred different culinary adventures! Explore our recipes.

Made With Love

We’re a family business that cares about you and your family too. That’s why we handcraft every bottle of shrub, source the freshest ingredients, and always listen to great tunes while we’re brewing up a batch!

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