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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Fresh Apples to Pure Vinegar

Our apple cider vinegar starts by pressing the finest organic apples from Washington State to make fresh apple juice. The fresh juice is then fermented into delicious hard cider.  Acetic acid bacteria is then introdused, which eats all of the alcohol and transforms it into our pure Apple State Vinegar.  Our vinegar is kept raw and contains the Mother (the good bacteria); it's never diluted and can be used in delicious recipes like our refreshing Sunrise Sparkler and replenishing Pineapple Electrolyte Sports Drink, as well as kitchen creations like this unreal-delicious Chicken Adobo or our Perfect Phad Thai Salad.

Our customer Jhustin H. agrees, saying,

"I tried other apple cider vinegars for health, and they always felt like a punishment. I actually enjoy the taste of this ACV because it's smooth and slightly sweet. I used the ACV in their adobo recipe and am now totally hooked on this stuff!"


Acetic Acid

(Picture: Mother of vinegar)

The acetic acid in our apple cider vinegar creates a happy environment in your digestive system that your gut flora will appreciate. Gut flora play a central role in the balance of our body. The acetic acid bacteria in our apple cider vinegar help create the perfect internal environment for them to thrive. Scientists and researchers are taking notice of the potential benefits that vinegar consumption can have on human health. 

According to the Journal of Food Science,

"Recent investigations demonstrate the potent bioactive effects of vinegars which may benefit human health. Functional therapeutic properties of vinegar described include antibacterial activity, blood pressure reduction, antioxidant activity, reduction in the effects of diabetes, and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Other positive health effects of daily consuming vinegar reported include improving blood glucose response which would be of benefit to diabetic patients."

Antibacterial, antioxidants, and improved health are pretty cool - and they're even better when they taste good too! 


Gut Flora

Happy gut flora, like those that come from fermented foods, are able to help us digest our food better. They break down fiber in foods that we can not and create beneficial byproducts. Some of the amazing thing they create include short chain fatty acids and Vitamin B12. Fermented foods are pretty incredible! According to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics

"Current epidemiological evidence suggests that diets rich in fermented foods can reduce disease risk and enhance longevity, health, and quality of life." 

Good health and quality of life?! We'll be making a Alcohol-Free Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Mojito to cheers to that! 


Short Chain Fatty Acids

SCFA (short chain fatty acids) help keep balanced blood sugar levels and can reduce your circulating cholesterol. SCFA initiate hormone responses in the body that can let you know when your stomach is full. They supply energy directly to immune cells that creates a barrier for infections and boosts your immune system. There's also a lot of exciting new research about the connection between Short Chain Fatty Acids, gut microbiota, and our brain! 


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is necessary in every cell of the human body. Our body rely on the support of beneficial bacteria to create and provide vitamin B12 to us. These healthy bacteria coexist and create a balanced ecosystem inside our body. When the bacteria inside of us find balance they can prevent overgrowth of harmful bacteria which cause inflammation and disease.


Immunity and Gut Bacteria

Did you know that ~70% of your immune system is in your gut?! Your immune system protects you against foreign invaders like viruses, allergens, etc., and can plays an integral role in your overall health. 

Our intestinal flora is a "virtual ecosystem that sppresses the infiltration of pathogens (germs) into the body", according to Newsweek. Together, the digestive and immune systems work to regulate your body's whole health.

You microbiome can weigh up to five pounds - the weight of a human brain! There's a reason that your gut is often called your "Second Brain" - it controls a lot of your body's systems. University of Washington is doing a lot of cool research into our microbiome - be sure to check it out! 

There's a lot you can do to support your gut - including incorporating more probiotics and prebiotics into your life. 



The bacteria in our body affects both our physical and mental well being. Nourishing them will help lead our bodies towards more balance. Blending apple cider vinegar into your daily diet with delicious food and drinks creates an environment for healthy bacteria to thrive.

Take it from one of our customers, Stephen S., who says,

"I drink this regularly, mixing a small amount of the vinegar with a coffee mug’s worth of sparkling water. My experience is consistently excellent! It’s tasty, plus I know that it’s good for my physical health. For my mental health too, as this drink is a comforting part of my day."


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