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The Story of Asanoha

You may have seen the asanoha symbol on all our bottles of shrub and wondered — what is that? What does it mean? Is it just a cool design?

Yes, it is a beautiful symbol, but it’s so much more than just aesthetics for us. Tomo is from Japan, and the asanoha is a traditional Japanese pattern that is meant to represent the hemp leaf. Asa means hemp. No means ‘s, or a possessive. And ha means leaf.

In the picture here, you can see two asanoha charms that fit together. Tomo’s mother gave it to her and Josh when they got married — lucky charms intended to bring a happy, healthy marriage.

In ancient Japan, people made baby clothes with the Asanoha pattern in the hopes that the babies would grow as fast and straight as the hemp plant. We try to embody those hopes in our family and business — making products and building relationships that grow as strong as the plants that surround and inspire us.

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