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We here at Apple State Vinegar and Shrub Farm HQ are passionate about picnics. It combines all of our favorite activities into one — outdoor time, delicious food, dear friends and family, and cute baskets. In this era of social distancing, picnics are a wonderful, creative way to spend time with others while still maintaining health and safety standards!

While we may think of picnics as an easy way to spend an hour or two outside with friends, they actually has a rich history that spans France, England, and the United States. Picnics used to be indoors-only affairs that were exclusively for aristocrats, and featured foods like cress sandwiches and cold tongue (yum!…). As the years passed, picnics eventually became as simple as the act of sharing food with friends outside.

We’ve dreamed up our ideal picnic, complete with local goodies, delicious food, and our favorite picnicking locales (plus a couple dream spots, because… why not?!).

The Ultimate Picnic Guide

What You’ll Need:

  • Friends and family
  • Apple State Chicken Salad (recipe below) Sandwiches
  • A loaf from Raven Breads for slathering with butter and topping with Foothills Farm radishes (ooh, so French of you!)
  • A cozy, ultra-soft hoodie from El Sage Designs that keeps you warm in case of sea breeze.
  • Cute blanket and basket!

Where We Love to Go:

  • Boulevard Park in Bellingham is one of our favorite spots — ocean view? Check. Bikability? Check. Prime hammock spots? Quadruple check.
  • Lake Whatcom has some seriously dreamy spots where it’s easy to have a lakeside picnic.
  • Lake Padden is a popular option, and there’s plenty of waterfront to spread out!

Get the recipe

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