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Introducing Turmeric and Carrot Shrub!

We've got a new addition to the Shrub Club! Everyone give a warm welcome to *drumroll please * Turmeric and Carrot Shrub!
Turmeric and Carrot is always there to brighten your day and you a tropical glow that can be seen from outer space. Our turmeric is vibrant and bursting with anti-inflammatory curcumin grown in the verdant fields of Hale Akua on Maui (more on that below!). Earthy carrots balance out this energizing elixir to keep you groovin' and movin' all day long. 
This might be my new favorite shrub, and that's saying something, considering I'm low-key obsessed with all of them. Why? Because the rich turmeric flavor balances out the brightness of the vinegar into a concoction that I'm craving every hour of the day. 9 am? The perfect way to start the day. 9 pm? A little nightcap that eases my digestion as I wrap up my evening. 
Turmeric is a shining star of the culinary and herbal world. It's renowned for its incredible orange hue, as well as its healing properties. Turmeric was used for cooking purposes 4000 years ago in the Vedic culture of what is now India. It has a long history of medicinal use in South Asia, and is now loved globally for its bold flavor and its anti-inflammatory components. 

We partnered with Hale Akua, an organic farm on Maui, to source the turmeric for this shrub. Hale Akua is on the north side of Maui in Haiku. The organic farm is next to a 150-foot waterfall and is nourished by powerful rains and radiant sunshine alike. Ocean trade winds lift up from the Pacific. This is where our turmeric grows, and I swear you can almost taste the paradise. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a Shrub Farm shrub without strong connections to local Cascadia farmers, which is why the organic carrots in T + C are grown at Hopewell Farm in Everson, WA. Carrots are a great source of potassium, dietary fiber, and beta carotene. They keep your skin healthy too! 

Turmeric and Carrot Shrub is perfect for adding to sparkling water with a squeeze of lemon or lime, makes a delicious earthy cocktail, and shines in all culinary adventures. 

We're so excited for you to get to know the newest member of the Shrub Farm line-up! : )

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