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Make New Valentine's Day Traditions - Starting With This Hibiscus Pot-De-Crème

Valentine's Day is a time we celebrate love in all its forms. And although the holiday is traditionally associated with romance, we think breaking tradition is good every now and then : ). Which is why we wanted to make a recipe that reimagined Valentine's Day flowers and can be enjoyed by all who want to add just a little bit more love into their day! 

Normally, roses are what people think of when February 14th rolls around. Roses are beautiful, of course, but have you seen hibiscus?! Hibiscus grows all over the world, but is most well known for being a tropical flower. The hibiscus in our Shrub is grown on Molokai, a tiny Hawaiian island that has the highest sea cliffs in the world (and also the best hibiscus : )). These flowers are organically grown on a family farm in rich volcanic soil. 

So what makes hibiscus so perfect for Valentine's Day? Hibiscus may lower your blood pressure, which reduces your risk of heart disease! So it's good for your heart - literally and metaphorically! It's also packed with Vitamin C. 

There are some traditions we want to keep around on Valentine's Day, though - like all the delicious desserts! Pot-de-crème is one of our favorite decadent treats. It's a classic French dessert that translates to pot of cream (surprise, surprise!). Of course, we had to add our own spin on it, which is where Hibiscus and Orange Shrub comes in. It adds a sweet-and-sour flavor which is the perfect complement to the rich custard base.

We hope you make this for your loved ones, and find other ways to make this Valentine's Day special and unique. Perhaps take these pots-de-crème for a little picnic with a bottle of sparkly rosé (coincidentally, a shot of hibiscus shrub in rosé is delicious!). We made these Hibiscus Mimosas last Valentine's Day alongside our Fluffy Shrub Pancakes - the perfect breakfast in bed! 

So whether you're cooking up this pot-de-creme with your kids, your partner, or your best friend... Happy Valentine's Day! However you celebrate, may your day be full of love!

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