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The Exotic Hawaiian Chili

The Hawaiian Chili plant was born out of the Hawaiian Islands and is a unique Hawaiian variety of the famed Tabasco Chili. But the Hawaiian Chili offers more than just heat, it imparts a savory depth and umami flavor to our recipe. These chilis grow voluntarily in local yards all over Hawaii and are also know as the Bird pepper because of the way birds eat and spread the seeds. 

Our Ginger & Hawaiian Chili Shrub is a fresh taste of paradise. Joe at Hale Akua Farm in Haiku, Maui harvested these incredible chilis and shipped them to us on July 21st.  One day later we had them infusing in our potent Apple State Vinegar and now this lovely batch of Ginger & Hawaiian Chili Shrub will be bottled on Thursday and ready to ship to you Friday, August 13th. It doesn't get much more fresh or transparent than that and that is just how we like it. 

Get it while its HOT!! 

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