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Celebrate Spring and Community at the Bellingham Farmers Market!

Well, it's finally here! All throughout the rainy season, the PNW dreams of this day: the cherry blossoms all aflutter in the warm breeze; the sun shining in a surprisingly blue sky; the market bursting with the most vibrant produce that this land provides. 

Here in Whatcom County, we're fortunate to live in one of the most agriculturally rich areas in the country. And there's no better place to see this abundance on display than at the Bellingham Farmers Market

When I first moved to Bellingham years ago, one of the very first places I ever went was the farmers market. I remember it so vividly because the experience made such a profound and lasting impression on me. I had never seen vegetables so bright and alive, and I had never been part of a place that so deeply cared about nourishing and feeding its community.

Community is at the heart of the Bellingham Farmers Market. You'll notice it as soon as you step into Depot Square - vendors calling out greetings to one another, families walking arm in arm, baskets overflowing with goodies. 

We (Shrub Farm + Apple State Vinegar) always look forward to selling at the market because we get to share the Shrub love in person, as well as pick up some of our favorite local treats and treasures. 

We love picking up a jar of local honey from BeeWorks Farm. Not only does it taste delicious spread over some Breadfarm bread with 3 Generations Jam or stirred into some herbal tea, local honey is also great for seasonal allergies! 

If you're in the mood for a special sweet something, look no further than Antler Baking Company. Veronica makes the most delicious cookies and cakes. Seriously, they're perfect! And if you want to complete this perfect Saturday morning, you'll need a bag of coffee beans from Bellingham Coffee Roasters, too.

We always stop by the Rabbit Fields Farm stand, where our friend Roslyn's smile is as bright as the veggies she grows and sells. This week, we're picking up a few bunches of her radical red radishes to whip up some glorious Ginger & Chili Pickles - stay tuned for more! 

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