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The Raddest Radishes You'll Ever Pickle

Springtime is a time of new growth, bright skies, hope, and vegetables. Safe to say, it's one of our favorite times of year! We wanted to make something that would embody all of the delight the season offers. And where better to find delicious, seasonal inspiration than at the Bellingham Farmers Market?! 

We love stopping by at Rabbit Fields Farm stand, where our friend Roslyn has a veritable bounty of vegetables displayed for an eager line of customers. In spring, we're always drawn to the radishes. The rosy radishes are one of the first veggies to brave the spring mornings, and we picked up a couple of bunches to experiment with in the kitchen. 

These radishes are all organically grown on Roslyn's farm in Mount Vernon, Washington. During the summer and early fall, we often head down there to harvest shiso for our Shiso + Citrus Shrub. Rabbit Fields Farm is one of our favourite places to spend the day - fields full of peppers and broccoli and kale and more spread out across the Skagit Valley, all under the watchful eye of Koma Kulshan (Mount Baker). 

We wanted to create a dish that would celebrate the brightness of spring, so we decided to pickle these radishes to extract the most flavor from them, as well as enhance their nutritional benefits with ginger, Hawaiian chilis and Apple State Vinegar! 

The result? The Raddest Radishes You'll Ever Pickle! They're basically springtime in a jar. They're zingy, fresh, and flavourful. Plus, since they're pickled with Apple State Vinegar, they're also packed with digestive health benefits. We add them on top of rice bowls, on a salad, with tacos or even just eat them straight out of the jar!

How are you celebrating spring this year? 

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