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Healthy Heroes: Shiso


The highlight of every summer is heading down to Rabbit Fields Farm in Mount Vernon, WA to harvest the most vibrant and lovingly cared for shiso in the state. Our farmer friend Roslyn grows this unique crop especially for us to use in our beloved Shiso & Citrus Shrub. Each year we hand harvest and dry the crop to preserve the bright sunny flavors.

What is shiso, you might ask? It's an herb that's part of the mint family, commonly used across Asia and especially in Japan, where it's used as an accompaniment to raw fish! Shiso has a mysterious, bright taste that reminds people of citrusy berries, fresh herbs and a hint of Christmas spice.

Somehow, that totally encapsulates the wonderful, unique taste of shiso. And our Shiso & Citrus Shrub lets the flavor truly shine - that's because we infuse our vinegar with the whole leaves! If you want to try the magic of shiso for yourself, we've developed some special recipes that make the most of this delicious herb. 

Your family will love this creamy, dreamy, Shiso Goddess Dressing. It's packed with bright, savory flavor that will make all your veggies shine! Shiso & Citrus Shrub is also delightfully in this Gin & Shiso Tonic, a botanical cocktail that brings a garden of fresh herbs to your happy hour. Or simply mix with bubbly water for a healthy, refreshing Shrub sparkler.

Shiso also has a long and fascinating history of use in folk medicine. This delightful purple plant contains something called rosmarinic acid, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, that works as a natural antihistamine. In addition shiso is also full of beta carotene and luteolin. Beta carotene is "essential for normal growth and development, immune function, and vision." Luteolin can support brain health, as well as reduce inflammation. In Traditional Chinese medicine, shiso seeds are used as a cough medicine, digestive aid, and anti-asthmatic. The leaves are used to fight colds and are high in vitamin A,B,C,K and potassium!

Our sweet and savory Shiso Shrub will help keep you healthy while taking your cooking and bartending to the next level! 

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