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Shrub Sparkler

"I just mix with some bubbly water!"

That's all you need. Instant refreshment. The Shrub Sparkler is like a raw soda! Compared to regular soda, it's low calorie, low sugar, no natural "flavorings" (just whole fruits, herbs, and spices!), and no preservatives. Our Shrub is totally raw, enzyme rich, and aids digestion and energizes your spirits. It has the Mother of vinegar, which means it's full of probiotics and prebiotics for your optimum health!

So many of you, when we talk to you virtually or at the farmers market, tell us your favorite way to use Shrub is pretty simple. Shrub + water/sparkling water = Shrub Sparkler. It's a drink that makes you just feel good and makes an ordinary day feel like a cause for celebration. 

That's why we started making and drinking Shrub, too - it just feels good! You tell us that it helps chronic digestive issues, ups your energy, and brightens your day. We notice it too - we seriously are drinking Shrub throughout the day while we work! 

We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible, partnering with farms here in Washington, as well as on Maui, where we started our business. All our Shrub is infused with love while listening to good music at our kitchen in Bellingham, Washington. 

When you drink a Shrub Sparkler, you're not just supporting your own health and happiness - you're also doing something that's good for the planet, too! Organic apple farming is great for soil health, and we give 1% of our all vinegar and shrub sales to organizations supporting environmental health. We're also part of 1% for the Planet

This is our go-to drink for any time of the day - first thing in the morning or at the end of a long day. We believe that alcohol-free drinks can be just as exciting, delicious, and satisfying as a cocktail - try it out for yourself! 


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