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An Oxymel for Immunity (and Happy Bees!)

Marie’s Bees is our farmers market friend and purveyor of the most delicious honey in the world. Yes, that’s a bold claim — but have you tasted this delectable nectar before! No other honey compares! Plus, everything tastes a little extra delicous when you know that you’re not only supporting your health, but also the health of your community and the planet.

Pollinator health is an integral part of maintaining a thriving food system. It’s especially crucial when it comes to organic and regenerative farming practices, which are near and dear to our hearts. After all, we’ve made it our life’s work to give back to the land and water that nourishes us and our families.

That’s why we’re so excited to be part of a collaborative product with Marie’s Bees! Marie’s Honey Oxymel is the immunity tonic that needs to be a part of your self- and community-care routine! What is oxymel, you might wonder? It’s a remedy that’s been used throughout the ages, beginning in ancient Greece and Persia.

At its simplest and most elemental, oxymel is honey and vinegar. In this case, it’s Marie’s honey and our Apple State Vinegar! The word “oxymel” is actually just a composite of these two ingredients — oxy (acid) and mel (honey). Oxymel was historically used to ease respiratory conditions, digestive distress, and common cold symptoms. Its modern usage is pretty similar — sounds like a tried and true remedy!

Modern herbalists also use vinegar as a way to extract minerals from herbs. Basically, herbs in vinegar are more potent and healthy than other preparations. Marie’s oxymel reaps added benefits from elderberries, rose hips, peppercorns, cloves, fennel, sweet orange oil, and ginger oil — all sourced from local Bellingham herbalist Em’s Herbals!

Marie’s Honey Oxymel packs a triple punch — you get digestive health benefits and juicy flavor from our vinegar, soothing raw honey, and immune-boosting (and yummy!) herbs! It’s the perfect companion as we move into cooler weather — simply add to sparkling (or still) water or your favorite beverage, and enjoy its healing benefits!

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