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Take It Easy: A Shrub Drink By You, For You

Sometimes, life gets complicated. There are ups, downs, in-betweens, and magical moments that make you forget all the ups and down and in-betweens ever even happened! That’s just how it goes.

We want to make things a little easier for you. So many of you, when we talk to you on the phone, over email, or at the farmers market, tell us your favorite way to use shrub is pretty straightforward. “I just put a little in some water!” More recipes should be like that (life should also be that simple, but that’s another story!).

We hear over and over again that you drink it just because it makes you feel good. That’s why we started making and drinking it, too! It just feels good. You tell us that it helps chronic digestive issues, ups your energy, and brightens your day. We notice it too — we seriously are drinking shrub throughout the day while we work!

Why does shrub and apple cider vinegar make us feel good? The science behind shrub is fascinating, and can help us explain just why that post-afternoon shrub drink really hits the spot. The bacteria in our digestive system weigh about five pounds — as much as the human brain.

By promoting a healthy microbiota (gut flora), ACV can help reduce overgrowth of harmful pathogens which can lead to inflammatory based diseases. This is evolving medical research, and more connections between gut health and whole body wellness are always being discovered — we’re excited to be pioneers in this field!

The Shrub Club Special


  • 8 oz water (still or sparkling)
  • 1 tablespoon shrub of choice (for added digestive benefits, go with Ginger and Hawaiian Chili!)


  • Add shrub to a glass of water.
  • Enjoy, and cheers to your gut health!
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