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Top 5 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

We love apple cider vinegar for its many health benefits, as well as the juicy delicious flavor that it imparts to food and drinks. ACV has been used medically for thousands of years, treating a wide variety of ailments through the Civil War and World War I and fueling Roman and Persian empires. 

What exactly makes apple cider vinegar so good for you? Acetic acid bacteria (the good guys") help your digestive system break down food as well as make short chain fatty acids and Vitamin B12 - both of which can boost your immunity and your overall wellbeing. 

All apple cider vinegars are not created equal, however. We're biased, but we also truly believe Apple State Vinegar is the best of the best. Why? Well, it has 6% acidity. Remember all those acetic acid bacteria that are so good for you? Apple State Vinegar has 20% more than other brands. Plus, we source our apples from organic orchards in Eastern Washington. Organic apple growing supports healthy soil, too!  

Our vinegar is never heated or diluted, so contains the Mother of vinegar - basically a concentration of those good bacteria. 

Okay, so now that we know why ACV is awesome and why Apple State Vinegar is awesome-est ;), let's talk about our favorite ways to use it! Part of why we love ACV is because it's so versatile! 

  1. Let's go with an Apple State Vinegar fan-favorite (and company fave too!) - the Sunrise Sparkler. It's packed with prebiotics and is ultra-hydrating and refreshing! 
  2. When you're feeling like celebrating - simply! - look no further than an Alcohol-Free Mojito with Pure Apple Cider Vinegar. It's only a couple ingredients, but feels like a party in a glass! 
  3. Our actual favorite salad dressing on the planet is this Bountiful Basil Vinagrette. Add to any greens for an instant lift! Eating salads can be so fun. 
  4. Apple cider vinegar is also great for skin and hair care. Check out an easy DIY face mask with our vinegar and get your glow on! 
  5. Need a quick, healthy weeknight dinner that the whole family will enjoy? We usually do too, which is when we turn to the Simple Stir Fry
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