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How To Turn Pantry Staples Into A Delicious, Healthy Meal

Oil and vinegar are a match made in heaven. It's likely that you've got a bottle of each in your kitchen cupboard. We find them in salad dressings, sauces, and more.  But if you just don't feel like making one more vinaigrette, we have a delightful new way to incorporate these pantry staples into your meal. 

Enter gazpacho. Gazpacho is a cold Spanish soup, originally from the region of Andalusia, a place renowned for its flamenco, sun, bullfighting, and a vibrant, thriving culinary scene. It's no surprise that a dish from Andalusia is bright, delicious, and healthy. 

Since gazpacho is such a simple dish, the quality of the ingredients really matters and helps it shine. So when we were looking for a quality olive oil, we naturally turn to Calivirgin Olive Oil.

We met the folks at Calivirgin at the Good Food Awards last year and fell in love with their olive oil - which is "so good it should be on the wine list!". They're a family business like us, so we already knew that we shared similar values about community and sustainability. 

We made this gazpacho with their olive oil and Apple State Vinegar. Raw apple cider vinegar adds a punch of digestive health benefits and powerful flavor; it's full of prebiotics and acetic acid that can benefit your overall health (and tastebuds, of course!). 

As for the tomatoes, this time of year in the Pacific Northwest is bursting with tomatoes. We love the tomatoes that our farmer friend Roslyn grows down in Mount Vernon, WA. Support organic and local when you can; it makes such a huge difference both locally and globally.

This gazpacho is perfect for celebrating the simple things: the beauty of a ripe tomato, bright flavors, and those ol' kitchen classics oil and vinegar. 

Get the recipe 

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