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Give A Gift That Gives Back: Apple State Gift Guide 2020

The Apple State, aka Washington, is known for many things. First of all, there's the rich agricultural abundance and our namesake apples. As a state, we're also passionate about the environment and the health and wellbeing of all Washingtonians. We're a wild, beautiful place full of entrepreneurs, farmers, educators, makers, dreamers, and doers. The Apple State has given us so many gifts, we figured it's time to give back and give to you.

We've made a 2020 Gift Guide that features high-quality local products made sustainably, thoughtfully, and beautifully. You'll find a Gift Guide for the Cascade Collection, the Maui Collection, and Apple State Vinegar - and 1% of all our profits go to supporting marine wildlife. Get inspired and get giving!

01. The Three-Pack: Follow Your Sober-Curiosity

For those who don't drink or are simply interested in trying an alcohol-free lifestyle for a little while, our Cascade Collection makes a variety of delightful drinks that are the perfect way to celebrate - whether that's the end of the work day or a holiday dinner! Three different flavors means that booze-free bartending is endlessly exciting and inspiring. 

What You'll Need:

    02. Raspberry & Citrus: Take a Staycation

    Bring the vacation vibes home with Raspberry & Citrus Shrub. Do you have a friend or family member that wishes they could be on a white sand beach? This is the gift for them - a DIY Cascade Mojito Kit! Raspberries grown by a family farm in Skagit Valley bring a rich red hue to the drink and antioxidants. Plus, you know you're supporting organic agriculture and small businesses!

    What You'll Need:

      03. Ginger & Apple: Get Energized

      Have someone in your life who wants a little energy boost? Maybe they're itching to hit the dance floor (of their living room), but just need a little delicious help. That's where this Johnny's Mule gift comes in. There's gut-boosting goodness from Ginger & Apple Shrub, plus whole ginger root and Washington-grown apples to fuel your fire!  

      What You'll Need:

      • Ginger & Apple Shrub
      • A copper mug
      • Local WA vodka from Chuckanut Bay Distillery 
      • Bonus: a custom-made playlist for dancin' the night away : )

        04. Blueberry & Lemon: Breakfast in Bed

        Did you know that apple cider vinegar, when used in baking, can make buttermilk?! Did you also know that Blueberry & Lemon Shrub is the not-so-secret ingredient in the fluffiest pancakes of all time?! This gift is perfect for your friend who loves long mornings spent sipping coffee, flippin' flapjacks, and catching up with loved ones near and far.

        What You'll Need:

          01. The Three-Pack: Spirited and Sober

          Imbibe, indulge, and... wake up feeling refreshed and healthy! The Maui Three-Pack is a great gift for those who love to party and also love to go surfing the next morning (if you're PNW-based like we are, it's more like a brisk rainy bike ride : )). With three options for drink making, your fun loving friends will never run out of creative concoctions.

          What You'll Need:

            02. Ginger & Hawaiian Chili: A Cozy Cuppa

            A 2020 Good Food Awards winner, Ginger & Hawaiian Chili Shrub is your best friend when it comes to making simple drinks full of zingy flavor. Added to hot water with a little squeeze of citrus and something sweet, it makes the perfect Tummy Tonic - ideal for sipping by a fireplace after a delicious meal. 

            What You'll Need:

              03. Hibiscus & Orange: Have a Happy Heart

              Hibiscus is renowned for supporting cardiovascular health and also just happens to have a sweet-n-sour taste that makes a perfect cocktail. We partner with an organic farm on Moloka'i, where the hibiscus grows on rich volcanic soil. If you have a loved one whose heart sings with the ocean breeze, this simple cocktail kit is for them! 

              What You'll Need:

                04. Pineapple & Sage: The Creative Cook

                Do you know someone who is most at home in their kitchen or wandering the aisles of a specialty grocery store looking for inspiration? Pineapple & Sage Shrub is a versatile friend to have in your pantry, whipping up crazy-good slaws, piña coladas, and minty limeade

                What You'll Need:

                  01. The Low-Waste Kitchen

                  Cook up a storm and support the planet?! Yes, please. The kitchen is where we create a lot of our food and material waste. For the person in your life who is an eco-advocate, sustainable kitchen essentials are a must.

                  What You'll Need:

                    02. Apple State Spa

                    Okay, okay, we don't have a spa, but we do believe in the power of taking a moment of intentional care during your day. Sometimes that can be as simple as a walk around the block or some deep breathing exercises, or perhaps a DIY bath for soothing stress and bringing joy. Even better? When that bath is full of gently detoxifying apple cider vinegar and sustainable bath products!

                    What You'll Need:

                      03. 7 Days of ACV 

                      This gift is great for someone who loves their rituals and routines. Using apple cider vinegar daily can improve our overall health and get us excited to try out new things in the kitchen. We're starting simple, with ingredients to make easy, flavorful salad dressings or invigorating tummy tonics

                      What You'll Need:

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