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Celebrate Small Biz Saturday: Give a Gift that Supports Local Economies and Families!

Small businesses are the heart of our economy, and they celebrate the very best qualities of humanity - creativity, family, innovation, and connection. Now more than ever, it's important to support small businesses whenever you can.

Why? Well, first off, small businesses often make or sell seriously awesome products. That's because they prioritize quality over quantity. Often the folks behind small businesses are artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, cooks, and designers. In other words, they're people just like you and me.

We're a small business here at Apple State Vinegar, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our work supports other small businesses, as well as farms in the area and local nonprofits that advocate for the seas we all love. 

Small businesses create jobs, stimulate the economy, and inspire innovation. We're so proud to be a small business with a serious focus on sustainability - when you buy our products you're supporting our family and the environment.

We're also incredibly fortunate to be part of a community that shares our values of love for each other and love for our planet! It makes it so much easier to know the folks we source from. And we don't just know them - more often than not, they're our good friends or farmers market buddies!

For example, Roslyn's been a part of the extended Apple State fam for years now. She owns and operates Rabbits Fields Farm in Mount Vernon, and has been providing us with a steady harvest of shiso and sage throughout the years. We've been to her farm countless times, and harvested shiso 'til our fingers turn purple beneath the watchful eye of Koma Kulshan (aka Mount Baker). 

This holiday season more than ever, it's important to celebrate local, small businesses. Local to us is Bellingham, WA and the Pacific Northwest, but wherever you are there are dreamers, doers, makers, and innovators who need your support.

Our favorite Bellingham businesses don't just make amazing things, they also are so intentional and loving about supporting our community and environment. Turns out, people who do good end up selling really good products, too! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to folks to support this upcoming holiday season: 

And that's just in Bellingham - the scope and scale of the small biz world truly knows no bounds. 

When embarking on a shopping adventure, we recommend snacks and staying hydrated - and online shopping is no exception! Whip yourself up a refreshing, energizing Shrub Sparkler for the optimum e-commerce experience. 

This holiday season, think twice before supporting corporations like Amazon. Your local community is bursting with unique, high-quality, and eco-friendly gifts! Check out our 2020 Gift Guide for more amazing ideas! 

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