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Turmeric Deviled Eggs for Easter (Or Any Occasion!)

The sun is shining, the tulips are starting to poke their heads into the blue sky, and the cherry blossoms are floating by on the wind. It's spring! We'll be making an Easter dinner this year featuring these incredible Turmeric Deviled Eggs, but this dish would be a star at any celebratory meal. 

"The ancient Romans actually began the deviled egg tradition, though it has changed much over the centuries. In Rome, thousands of years ago, eggs were boiled, then slathered with spicy sauces of varying kinds; they were served as an appetizer at the beginning of a meal." 

Spring in Washington is a truly magnificent occasion. After a long, gray winter, the clouds clear and the crocuses herald the return of the light. If there's anything worth celebrating, this is the time to do it! 

This season also happens to coincide with Easter. Easter is one of our favorite holidays, in large part because if falls during such a beautiful time of year. We made the natural leap from Easter to eggs, and wondered if there was any way to do an amazing Shrub + egg combo. Turns out, there is! 

Our Turmeric + Carrot Shrub is the secret ingredient for getting delicious, colorful yolks. It gets whipped into the filling, which makes a delicious, fluffy concoction making these deviled egg a true crowd pleaser! 

The turmeric in this delightful Shrub is grown on Maui at the organic farm and beautiful eco retreat center Hale Akua. It's full of curcumin, a plant compound that can reduce inflammation as well as provide a whole host of other health benefits and is packed with digestive and anti-inflammatory health benefits - not to mention incredible, vibrant flavor! 

Another crowd pleaser that we'll have on our dinner table? Apple State Asparagus, an easy pickled asparagus that adds a fresh green pop to every plate. 

Special dinners are such a great opportunity to get creative with new ingredients - incorporating Shrub and vinegar into traditional dishes adds fun, flavor, and health benefits too! 

Happy spring! 

Turmeric Deviled Eggs Recipe

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