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The Gut-Brain Connection

Our bodies and minds are intricately connected and interdependent, which is why taking care of one often helps the other. Our gut is often called our second brain. There's a reason that people say, "Go with your gut!"

And that's just what we intend to do. Every day we learn more and more about how a healthy digestive system is essential to overall wellbeing - even when that comes with personal experience! 

Tomo, our co-founder/ shrubmaker/ mom extraordinaire, was first introduced to apple cider vinegar as a great way to help prevent candida overgrowth. What is candida? It's a type of opportunistic fungi that lives in everybody's body, when balanced and healthy they act as a food for good bacteria in your gut. 

However, when your immune system is down or you're under stress or taking antibiotics, candida can grow more than usual, causing inflammatory or allergic responses in the body. Some symptoms of candida overgrowth can be skin and digestive issues, mood swings or fungal infections. Check out this resource to learn more.

As Tomo attests, "I was on vacation and forget to have my apple cider vinegar every day. Plus, I was feeling a little stressed!" (What was supposed to be a relaxing holiday turned into days of endless stormy rain... ahhh, our beloved PNW!). She got a candida overgrowth; her body and mind connected.  

Once she got home, Tomo was able to treat her candida by returning to her daily ACV and low stress routine, but the experience is a reminder that our stress-easing routines, as well as self-nourishment practices, are important! The healing properties of apple cider vinegar were able to help bring back the natural balance in her body and is one of the many reasons that Tomo - and our whole team - are passionate about sharing the power of living culture with you! There are some great ideas here about how to use ACV to balance your gut microbiome. 

We love the resources that Adios Candida shares about her journey with candida, as well as the work she does to help others. Check out 12 Signs Your Gut Is Imbalanced (And How To Fix It!) - we've found it super useful! 

Whether you're trying to keep your gut microbiome balanced, incorporate a little more mindful drinking, or just get creative in the kitchen, we're here for you - and so is our Shrub and vinegar!

Here are some of our favorite recipes that taste good and make you feel good, too! We love a cozy cup of Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Tea or a House Call Toddy to soothe and nourish, as well as a Happy Gut Smoothie for a probiotic-rich, delicious pick-me-up or breakfast. 

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