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Healthy Heroes: Turmeric

If I could write a thousand love songs and sonnets to any herb or spice, it might just be turmeric. Turmeric is everything that is wonderful about food - it's delicious, unique, and beloved across the globe? And have you seen that color?! It's so golden it makes you glow just looking at it. Imagine what happens when you actually eat it! 

That vibrant color comes from curcumin, a plant compound that has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin can reduce inflammation throughout the body. It's been linked to improved brain function and a lower risk of heart disease. Scientists are also researching its positive effects on cancer and Alzheimer's prevention and treatment. 

However, curcumin sometimes passes through our bodies without being absorbed, which means that we lose out on all the powerful health benefits it offers.

That's where black pepper comes in. Think of black pepper and turmeric like best friends - they're good on their own, but they're way better together! Black pepper makes curcumin bioavailable, helping our bodies absorb and use the turmeric! You'll notice that our Shrub has both turmeric and black pepper - we'd never think of separating this dream team!

Maybe you've heard about turmeric as the next big superfood, but did you know that turmeric has been used medicinally for thousands of years? There's even evidence of turmeric residue in pots dating back to 2500 BCE. It's been used topically and internally in Ayurveda, the Vedic medical system, since 500 BCE. Ayurveda is the traditional medical system of India, translated from the Sanskrit to mean "science of life." 

"Ayurvedic literature contains over 100 different terms for turmeric, including jayanti, meaning 'one who is victorious over diseases,' and matrimanika, meaning 'as beautiful as moonlight.'" How delightful is that?! It's also been used as a dye and holds special significance in Hindu wedding ceremonies. 

And now? It's a global phenomenon that's taken kitchens by storm. It's found in popular haldi doodh and starring in curries, dals, and Shrubs alike! Ever since T + C came into our lives, we've been experimenting with it in all kinds of golden drinks and culinary creations.

We love to whip up a simple, golden Shrub Sparkler. It's a lively drink that's full of all those turmeric benefits, plus is a perfect way to start or end the day! We like it as an afternoon pick-me-up - Shrub is so energizing, and a great replacement for caffeine. 

One of our other favorite discoveries has to be the Maui Sunshine. It's a simple cocktail made with Turmeric + Carrot Shrub and gin (alcohol totally optional, of course!). It's our new Happy Hour go-to and makes us feel like we're on a tropical beach! 

When it comes to food, we're firing up our grill and whipping up a batch of this Turmeric + Carrot Marinade. It's amazing on veggies or chicken, and even works as a salad dressing, too! 

Vibrant, earthy, and healthy - no matter how you use our turmeric shrub, you'll feel an internal and external glow! 

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