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Shrub + Gummies = Shrubbies!

I know you’re (probably) an adult. You do your taxes, you eat breakfast on a good day, you take care of your friends and family and yourself. You drink your apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning because you’re super cool. But sometimes it’s so fun and liberating to let your inner child out. Whether that’s having snowball fights, eating cereal for dinner, or playing catch in your backyard, it’s good to act like your ten-year-old self once in a while. Enter shrubbies! They’re the best of both worlds; you’re getting all those prebiotics that nourish your digestive system and you also get to have fun gummies!

You only need two ingredients: your shrub of choice and agar agar. I love our Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Shrub, so that’s what you’ll find in this recipe, but feel free to play around. I bet Pineapple and Sage would also be delicious. Agar agar is a vegan substitute for traditional gelatin, derived from seaweed. It’s got tons of fiber and creates a firmly textured gummy (so don’t be expecting jello!). You can find it at your local health food store, often in the bulk aisle; look for agar agar powder.

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