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Mauigarita: One Way Ticket to Hawai'i, Please!

Winter in the Pacific Northwest is rainy. There are many ways to beat the winter blues, ranging from social gatherings, exercise, little walks in the woods, and drinking shrub (of course). But one that isn’t touted nearly enough? Total denial. That’s what this cocktail is all about. Sometimes we just want to close our eyes and pretend we’re lounging on a tropical beach, the crystal-clear ocean lapping at our feet, the sun on our faces, and a delicious drink in one hand.

A couple years ago, I had the chance to visit Hawai’i in the middle of a Washington winter. It was my first time ever experiencing what you might call a “tropical paradise”, and I was blown away by the sheer variety of flowers, the bounty of food that the land offered, and the slower pace of life that invited opportunities for relaxation and reflection (the Vitamin D didn’t hurt, either!). The Mauigarita is a healthyish cocktail inspired by island life.

So if a real-life tropical vacation isn’t in the cards for you this season, this drink is the next best bet. It’s a play on a classical margarita, but with an infusion of sweet pineapple and a little earthy note of sage (we can’t shake our PNW roots all the way). Shrub Farm began on the island of Maui, where we became inspired by the abundance of fresh fruit and the vibrant lifestyle that it nourished and supported. Pineapples are packed with digestive enzymes that pair perfectly with the digestive health benefits of our apple cider vinegar-based shrub. If you’re feeling extra fancy, grill some pineapples to add on top — a burst of bright flavor really brings the whole drink together!

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