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All You Need Is Shrub: A Happy-Heart Mimosa

The Beatles famously sang, “All you need is love,” and I couldn’t agree more. Although in my opinion, you could sing “All you need is shrub,” and you’d still be totally right. This Valentine’s Day, you can have both! The Happy-Heart Hibiscus Mimosa celebrates love in all its forms.

I won’t tell you how to do your Valentine’s Day, but I will say that breakfast-in-bed never goes amiss. This play on the traditional mimosa looks best on a tray laden with pancakes (drizzled with rose syrup if you want to be *extra*), a French press, and a vase bursting with wildflowers. Put The Supremes on the record player and say cheers to love and shrub.

Want to know something cool? Our Hibiscus and Orange Shrub is infused with organic hibiscus from a small farm nestled in the verdant green hills of Moloka’i. Hibiscus is a flower that is cultivated throughout the tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world and is well known for its medicinal properties. Hibiscus is supportive for cardiovascular health, which makes it perfect for Valentines Day — keeping your heart strong enough to share with someone else.

Not only is hibiscus good for your heart, it partners with oranges to deliver a delicious dose of Vitamin C, keeping you and your sweetheart healthy and happy throughout the season (it is still February, after all).

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