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Blue Skies Bubbly

Some of my favorite things in the world are the color blue: the sea, the sky, turquoise stones, mountains in the distance, blueberries… the list goes on and on. These days, I’m especially drawn to foods rich in color, since the outside world is still wrapped in the gray of a Pacific Northwest winter. Turns out, the inclination to eat bright food might actually be our body’s way of telling us we need some of the vital nutrients that these fruits and veggies contain.

Anthocyanins give purple and blue food their vibrant hue - and also are anti-inflammatory, support heart health, and can fight free radicals. But purple and blue foods (cabbage, eggplant, huckleberries, blueberries, etc.) make up only 3% of average American fruit and veggie consumption.

This drink harnesses the full power of the color blue. Our Blueberry and Lemon Shrub contains antioxidant-rich, local blueberries, plus digestive health benefits from raw apple cider vinegar. And there’s a special secret ingredient in the ice cubes — butterfly pea flowers! Native to Southeast Asia, they provide the most heavenly, magical color — as well as antioxidants and our old friends anthocyanins.

Oh, and did I mention hard seltzer, too!? Whiteclaw’s been the celebrity of the drink world since the summer, but we’re partial to local brands, especially when they’re as flavorful and healthy as San Juan Seltzer. It’s zero sugar, low-ABV, and inspired by the beautiful San Juan Islands on which it’s made. We combine the huckleberry flavor with our (also ultra-local) shrub for a drink that is refreshing and beautiful — just like a blue sky.

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