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Put An Egg On It! A Marinated Egg for Your Wildest Ramen Dreams

It’s no secret that here at Shrub Farm HQ we take our ramen pretty seriously. After all, Tomo hails from Japan, and if any food is synonymous with Japanese cuisine, it’s ramen. Plus, ramen in Japan goes hand in hand with the kind of business that we value — 80% of all ramen shops in Japan are small businesses! The crowning glory on any bowl of ramen is the egg. In Japan, these eggs are called shoyu-zuke tamago — soy sauce marinated eggs. It has to be that umami-bomb that ties all the dish’s flavors together. When done right, it elevates the humble noodle soup into what some would call a work of art.

We’ve put our own spin on it by marinating it with Apple State Vinegar plus some of of the more usual suspects (soy sauce, etc. etc.). Apple State Vinegar is an awesome pickling/marinating/preserving agent. It’s 6% acetic acid, which means it’s 20% stronger than other apple cider vinegars. It’s also full of gut-boosting prebiotics and organic, Washington-grown flavor.

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