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A Chocolate, Cheese, and Shrub Board for the Dreamiest Dinner Party

Can we just agree that dinner parties are the best? No matter what form they take these days — whether they’re a (socially distant) picnic with friends or a household gathering that’s jazzed up a little bit — taking the time to celebrate our loved ones and our food is always a good idea.

A wine and cheese plate is a classic accompaniment to any classic and classy dinner party. But we at Shrub Farm HQ have always been classic with a twist :). So we went with a plate full of not just cheese but also chocolate! And, of course, shrub.

Shrub is a great replacement for wine at a dinner party — whether you’re whipping up a spirit-free sparkler or adding a splash of gin. We’re huge fans of shrub and chocolate and cheese together — the bright, zippy shrub perfectly balances luscious cheeses and sweet chocolate.

And no one does chocolate better than Evolve Chocolate, located right here in Bellingham. Run by Christy and Shannon, the dynamic duo has made a name for themselves with disntinctive flavor pairings, amazing food, and delightful chocolate truffles. Also, chocolate honeycomb. Need we say more?

Samish Bay Cheese are our Bellingham Farmers Market buddies who farm in Skagit County. Their cheese, yogurt, and kefir are the products of happy cows, and it certainly comes across. We love their cheddar for a board like this, although you really can’t go wrong!


Cheese, Chocolate, and Shrub Board


  • Samish Bay cheddar cheese (or cheese of your choice)
  • Assorted Evolve truffles (or chocolate of your choice)
  • Whatever fruit’s in season! A smattering of berries, sliced apples, a few stray peaches… all are welcome!
  • Hibiscus Spritz (recipe below)

Get the recipe

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