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Halibut Ceviche with Apple State Vinegar and a Tale of Our Favorite Fisherfolk

Peter and Chelsea of Sea to Shore Seafood are redefining what it means to fish sustainably. We first met them at the Bellingham Farmers Market, where we were enticed by their delicious smoked salmon. And when we say delicious, we mean more flavorful, fatty, and mouth-watering than the smoked salmon of your wildest dreams. Yeah, it’s that good. We stayed to hear their stories about fishing in Alaska, where they’re based out of and where they spend summers fishing. 

Luckily for us, Sea to Shore is back from their season in the great wild north, and with the halibut to prove it. It seemed almost sinful to cook this extraordinary fish, so we decided to make ceviche with our Apple State Vinegar. Ceviche is a way of cooking seafood with acid instead of heat — a practice that is popular throughout parts of Mexico, Central, and South America. Pre-Colombian coastal civilizations made ceviche, and the Inca made a variation with chicha, a fermented beverage made from maize. Citrus is the most popular acid to use and apple cider vinegar imparts digestive health benefits and juicy golden flavor as well!

Sustainable fish and sustainable vinegar are a perfect combination ethics-wise as well as taste-wise! Sea to Shore prides themselves on impeccable quality and fishing and processing practices that yield “truly sustainable and traceable seafood.” Turns out, sustainable and traceable seafood tastes seriously amazing. This ceviche is fresh and full of bright flavor. It’s perfect for a summer dinner or appetizer — you don’t even have to turn on the oven!

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