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Ginger Apple Whiskey Sour

Here in Washington State, we’re known for our apples. They’re our state symbol, and we grow about 42% of the apples in the whole United States. We might be a little biased, but we think Washington apples are the tastiest, juiciest around — that’s why we use them at the heart of everything we do. Apple State Vinegar is the base of every single one of our shrubs, and it’s made exclusively with WA-grown, organic apples. It’s also raw and has the Mother, which means it’s packed with prebiotics and great for your digestive health!

Apples get a little extra love in our Ginger and Apple Shrub. It celebrates that end-of-summer feeling when the sun is still shining brightly but the mornings have just a kiss of those first fall breezes. So we made a Ginger Apple Whiskey Sour that is the perfect companion to those nights when you’re not quite sure if you need a sweater yet.

This drink is simple and comes together fast, but it packs all the flavor of a much more elaborate cocktail. If you want it alcohol-free, simply omit the whiskey — it’s still delightfully invigorating and cozy!


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