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Holiday dinner need a special something? We've got you covered!

May your holidays be merry and bright this season! For us, that always means cooking up something delicious in the kitchen for those we love. Preparing a meal can always be a festive occasion, even on a random Tuesday, but in the cozy month of December, food acquires a special kind of magic. It brings people together and is a way to honor the bounty of local farms, fields, and valleys. Give your celebrations and culinary creations a burst of magic this season!

Apple cider vinegar is the secret shining star of any holiday menu. Why, you ask? Because not only is it bold, juicy, and delectable, it also keeps digestive health strong and humming along. One bottle of Apple State Vinegar can take infinite forms, whether that's in a fruity non-alcoholic mojito or a good-for-you Apple State Hot Toddy

I love whipping up a batch of the most delicious salad dressing ever (not even exaggerating), aka the Harvest Hibiscus Vinaigrette. It has the power to turn veggies from side dish into star of the show and gets some heart-boosting powers from vibrant, organically grown hibiscus flowers.

Speaking of vegetables, unique pickles are exciting ways to incorporate them into your holiday meal. They add a brightness that balances out rich dishes and have bonus probiotics and prebiotics that keeps your digestive system as happy as your tastebuds. 

Asparagus is a nutritional and flavorful powerhouse, and pickled asparagus adds that touch of bright green that every feast needs. This is a simple pickling recipe using Apple State Vinegar that can be easily adapted for other veggies, but give these slender stalks a chance and let them shine on your table. 

Apple cider vinegar is a natural preservative and extracts nutrients, enzymes, and vitamins from whatever it's preserving. Pickled asparagus packs potassium, Vitamin B, and fiber! Plus, you know, it's just delicious.

Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list of how to Apple State the holidays - not even close! Check out our recipes for endless inspiration, or get creative with your own ideas. 

There are other things that made an Apple State holiday, too, that you can't necessarily serve on a plate or in a glass. Our holidays always involve intentional time spent together as a family and plenty of outdoor adventures, whether that's a chilly beach walk or a gentle hike in the misty forests.

Good food and drink is one way to show your love, and if there's anything that's at the heart of a true Apple State holiday, it's love! And you can taste it in everything we make, brew, and bottle.

Get pickled asparagus recipe

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