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Get A Glow That Will Last All Winter Long

Winter is the season when our skin needs a little (okay, a lot) of extra love. Cold temperatures, wind, and a lack of moisture in the air leaves our natural skin barrier vulnerable to the elements. Staying hydrated helps us stay healthy, happy, and radiant throughout the year, but when it's chilly out, sometimes the last thing we want to do is down a glass of water. 

That's where Shrub and vinegar come in handy. They make staying hydrated more than an obligation - they make it fun. Adding even the tiniest teaspoon to a glass of water infuses it with delightful flavor, digestive health benefits, and a vibrant color that is sure to liven up even the dreariest winter afternoon. 

Throughout my work from home day, I always have a (reusable!) water bottle next to me with a dash of Shrub. If I'm feeling extra fancy that day, I sometimes add a squeeze of lemon or lime to take it to the next level. And no, I don't have statistical data to show you, but I know that my water consumption has increased significantly - and as a result my skin is better than ever. 

(Tomo's favorite 24 mins cardio workout is this)

Another that can keep us feeling energized and bright throughout the gloomy season? Exercise! Whether that's a walk around the block, an at-home gym workout (our team loves Fitness Blender), dancing in your living room, or some yoga, movement brings life and vitality back into our bodies! 

If you're participating in more vigorous activity, you might not be sweating as much as you do in the summertime. That doesn't mean that you can't get dehydrated! In the winter, it's extra important to rehydrate and replenish those electrolytes after a workout.

If I've just totally crushed it at the "gym" in my garage, or if I go for a longer drizzly run, I like to make a simple Pineapple Electrolyte Sports Drink. It's made with pantry essentials (hello, Apple State Vinegar aka the only ACV you'll ever need!) and electrolyte-boosting pineapple juice. 

Taking the time to nourish ourselves with water and movement (and Shrub, too!) is a small but impactful way to show self-compassion. 

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