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A Sip of Summer: Introducing the Shrub Shandy!

Inspired by summertime, I went searching for a recipe that would support my energy and digestion and would transport me to blue-sky days spent hiking in the Cascades, kayaking on the Salish Sea, and laughing with friends and family.

And then I found the shandy. It’s a simple (like, SO EASY) beer drink that conjures up laid-back summertime fun like picnics and biking. That makes sense, since the shandy was apparently first invented in 1922 by a German innkeeper whose inn became a poppin’ watering hole during a surge in popularity of cycling as a leisure activity. Supposedly, the innkeeper had 13,000 cyclists show up in a single day! In order to not run out of his beer, he began mixing it with lemon soda — an added bonus to refresh the cyclists. The first shandy was born!

We’ve come a long way since that fateful day, but one thing’s for sure: we at Shrub Farm HQ love cool cocktails, simple recipes, and biking. So we made a shrub shandy that combines our Raspberry and Citrus Shrub with a local lager from Kulshan Brewing. We also love it paired with a Kolsch from Bellingham fan-favorite Chuckanut Brewery.

This shandy pairs well with a classic charcuterie board and a crew of your raddest friends. Cheers!

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