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Okay, so I’m not exactly talking about chomping down on a juicy apple, but apple cider vinegar might actually be even better, at least when it comes to your hair. Maybe you’ve heard about how wonderful apple cider vinegar can be for your digestion, but did you know that you don’t just have to drink it to reap its many benefits? Just as ACV balances the pH of your gut, it also balances the pH of our scalp — which, thanks to chemical-based shampoos and less-than-ideal water, tends towards the acidic. This rinse provides special help for wintertime hair and scalp, which is often lackluster and dandruffy.

Before the days of mass-produced face and hair products, people turned to their gardens and the natural world for beauty enhancements. Strong chamomile or sage tea could be used to darken gray hairs, honey was used as a natural face wash or moisturizer, and rosemary was applied to the scalp for help with dryness and to add shine. Rosemary is a common herb you may know best from its many culinary uses. It is easy to grow and you may even have some flourishing in your neighborhood! When used in a hair rinse, it promotes circulation to the scalp to improve hair growth, ups the shine, and reduces dryness and flakiness.

Together, Apple State Vinegar and rosemary create a bright, simple home hair remedy that will have you flipping your shiny locks all day long.

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