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A Shrub Goddess Dressing Made with Shiso, Miso, and Love

It’s a crisp, overcast September morning when the Shrub Farm crew heads to Rabbits Field Farm - a classic Pacific Northwest autumn day. But even though the skies are gray, spirits are high. The drive down I5 from Bellingham is beautiful, weaving through green hills still ribboned with dawn’s mist, leading to the fertile fields of Skagit County.

We pull up at the farm, easily recognized by its sweet yellow farmhouse and abundant orchards. Rabbits Field Farm is owned and run by Roslyn McNicholl, a local farmer known for her vibrant produce that is rivalled only by her smile. On this morning, she’s sharing her fields with us for our shiso harvest.
Josh and Tomo pick beautiful purple shiso to be in a future batch of shrub.
You may be asking yourself, what even is shiso? Well, it’s a Japanese herb related to mint that is packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties. Shiso has many culinary uses, including tea, a sushi condiment, tempura, and, of course, a key ingredient in our Shiso and Citrus Shrub! This shrub has a delicious herbal, floral, and berry-like flavor that works well in gin and tonics, drizzled over fresh greens, or paired with miso in Roslyn’s Goddess Dressing.

Shiso and miso go together like Shrub and Farm. So for this particular mission, we pull on our muckboots, bundle up against the cool wind, and head into the fields to pick enough shiso to infuse the next batch of shrub. After harvest, the shiso is rinsed, dried, and ready to go - leaving our fingers permanently purple in the process! We wonder aloud whether the shiso grows healthier and tastes better because of the beautiful surroundings - Roslyn’s farm is tucked into the Cascade foothills and on a clear day looks all the way to the snowcap of Mount Baker. Her produce is organic and always grown and harvested with love.
Shiso getting ready to be washed and dried.
So it makes sense that the hands picking the shiso belong to Josh and Tomo, the creative foodie geniuses behind Shrub Farm. They met in Maui in 2009 and started Shrub Farm in 2016. Though a lot has changed in 10 years, family, local food, and collaboration remain at the heart of their company.

That’s why this Goddess Dressing tastes extra delicious. It’s Japan meets Pacific Northwest, featuring organic ingredients that were grown by friends. It’s creamy, dreamy, and deeply flavorful. Plus, the shrub adds all the antioxidants of shiso plus the digestive health benefits of our raw organic apple cider (with Eastern Washington apples, of course!).

So invite over your friends and loved ones for a potluck - any day of the week! Cut up some of the peppers brought over by your neighbor and dip into this dressing. It’s always the right time to celebrate good food, good health, and good company.

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