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Find Your Inner Shrubmeister with This Healthy Cocktail

The Raspberry Shrubmeister is a cocktail to show all your college friends that growing up can be lots of fun - and you can still drink Jagermeister! Except this time, it won’t be mixed with Red Bull at a frat party. Just as you’ve matured, your drinks have too - our Raspberry and Citrus Shrub drinking vinegar adds a healthy, fruity kick. The Raspberry Shrubmeister is best enjoyed while standing around a grill with a bunch of your best buddies on a beautiful summer afternoon, reminiscing about the glory days.

My journey as a Shrubmeister began with a trip to the garden. It was August, and the mint was out of control. I used as much as I could, adding it to watermelon salads, soothing teas, and various drinks. But to be honest, mojitos can get boring after a while, and the sugar content was leaving me feeling more sleepy than ready to take on fun summer activities.

That’s when my freshman-year roommate called me up. We got to talking about the good ol’ days: our first all-nighter in the library, that cute sophomore boy who always stood behind us in the lunch line, and Friday nights with red Solo cups. “We drank some weird stuff,” she said, laughing, “Remember those Jagerbombs?” “Barely!” I replied. But I got to thinking - the herbal flavor of Jagermeister might pair perfectly with the abundance of chocolate mint growing right outside my front door.

Back in college, I was more into frozen pizzas and nachos than anything that one might consider ‘healthy’. But things have changed since then. I can see how what I eat and drink gives me the fuel to do all my favorite things - hiking in the mountains, going to concerts with friends, and paddleboarding on the lake. So there’s no way I was going to break out the Red Bull. Luckily for me, shrub provides an energy boost without the crash!

The result? The Raspberry Shrubmeister. When I drink it, I get the feeling of being in a summertime garden, thanks to 56 hand-selected botanicals in the Jagermeister and the refreshing sweetness of the Raspberry and Citrus Shrub’s local, organic raspberries. It’s drinkable and enlivening, especially with a splash of fresh lime.

I invited my roommate and a couple of our old friends over. We grilled up some shrimp to pair with the slightly-spiced notes of the Shrubmeister (we’re classy ladies now, after all) and said cheers to growing up. Turns out, it can be pretty fun!

Who’s your Inner Shrubmeister? Find out by making this healthy cocktail

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