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A Rhubarb BBQ Sauce for Taking Picnics to the Next Level

There’s nothing like the smell of veggies, fish, or meat hitting the grill — the warm, smoky scent that instantly conjures up memories of summer, celebrations, and picnics. Let’s talk about picnics. We love eating outside — there’s something about the act of gathering with friends and loved ones in the open air, even if that means some uninvited guests show up (looking at you, ants!).
Rhubarb grown by Mom always tastes best!
Picnics are also a prime time to show off your cooking skills to all your friends. Luckily, this sauce is simple to make, requires only basic pantry goods, and is infinitely customizable. It’s packed with flavor, and thanks to Apple State Vinegar, is also full of prebiotics and lots of digestive health benefits.

We love this sauce on anything, but it works especially well on grilled summer squash and carrots. It also makes a seriously divine grilled chicken. And hey, we won’t say no to some ribs from Carne, either!

Give this one a try — we promise it will be worth it! You can always make extra and freeze it, too. This recipe is from the great folks at Good Food Jobs — connecting people to meaningful opportunities in the sustainable food world.

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