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5 Ways to Say Thank You - Love Is Best When Shared!

Gratitude gets talked about a lot - and we truly believe that the hype is worth it. It's actually super important for your overall health and wellbeing, as well as your community! 

We were all taught to say please and thank you when we were little, but gratitude can be so much more than just good manners. It can bring all sorts of mental, emotional, and physical benefits into our lives! According to certain studies, grateful people have less aches and pains, get better sleep, and are also more interested in taking care of their health!

I was inspired to write this particular blog post because the person I most want to say thank you to - my mom - lives about 1600 miles away. She's been a light throughout my life, but lately I especially appreciate her guidance. I wanted to make sure she knew how much I value her wisdom, so I sent her little bottles of all our Shrubs. It was a surprise for her and we FaceTimed as she opened the box and exclaimed with joy at the treasures inside. 

It reminded me that a gift can be truly meaningful. Our Shrub and vinegar is made with love. So when you send it to someone, you're not just sending a delicious elixir - you're sending all the love that our farmers have put into growing our ingredients, as well as all the love that we handcrafted into each bottle! 

We send a handwritten thank you note with every bottle we ship. If you want a personal message to your gift recipient, you can type in the message field right before the checkout page!

Here is a thank you gift guide for yourself and all other important people that deserve a celebration! 

1. Sweet and Simple Gift

Let's start with sweet and simple. My mom loved when the Shrub showed up in her mailbox - and even gave a bottle to her friend, continuing the gift giving! Check out our eight different flavors, and see if one reminds you of your loved one. For example, my mom is totally Shiso & Citrus, but if I were to send a gift to my best friend, it would have to be Turmeric & Carrot


2. Vinaigrette Set

We've all got someone in our lives who is passionate about protecting the planet. That's why we love this Zero-Waste Vinaigrette, and the ingredients to make it are the perfect way to say thank you to someone who dedicates themselves to a greener world. A Cascade Collection Sampler, combined with a bundle of herbs (bonus points for foraging from your garden!) is an easy and thoughtful gift. 


3. Pancake Love

Cooking a meal for someone is a tried and true way to show you care. And breakfast in bed? Well, that's just the next level up! This gift works for someone you live with, whether that's your partner, child, or roommate - whoever they are, they're going to love a plate of fluffy, delicious Blueberry Shrub Pancakes first thing in the morning. The people we live with are a huge part of our support system, and they deserve big thanks and love (shout out to my housemates for being the best ever).  


4. Cool and Calm

Sometimes people who open our eyes to new things end up making a big difference in our lives. Whether that's an incredible new musician, a meaningful movie, or a new hobby, I always feel incredibly grateful to those who have broadened my horizons. That's why these important innovators need to have a drink that's as cool as they are. Enter the Calming Cooler! What you'll need is a bottle of Shiso & Citrus Shrub and a Grapefruit Quince Sparkling Botanicals. Together, they provide herbal stress relief and all the inspiration your loved one could need! 


5. Thank Yourself

And last but certainly not least, take a look in the mirror and give yourself a big thank you. No matter what's going on in your life, you're doing the best you can. You're taking care of yourself, as well as the people you love the most. Remember that you deserve your own gratitude, too. And you also deserve to stay hydrated, too - perhaps a short work break to make yourself a Shrub Sparkler. Make it extra special by drinking mindfully.

"Thank You" can seem like such a little thing. But expressing gratitude for the love and little moments that make it all worth it - that makes a huge difference. Whether you choose to say thank you with words alone or with a special gift, it brightens someone's - or your own! - day.

So thank you, whoever is reading this. You - our customers, our family, our community - make our work truly meaningful and joyful. Thanks : )

(And of course the biggest thank you to the farms and farmers who grow our food and ingredients!) 

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