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5 Ways to Fall In Love With Fall

It's always a little hard to bid farewell to long sunny days, ripe tomatoes tumbling off the vine into your waiting hands, and warm weather. And yet, there are some truly special things about the transition into autumn and winter. 

5 Ways to Fall In Love With Fall 

  1. Cook up a storm. When the skies are gray and the air is cold, it's time to retreat to the kitchen. We love trying new recipes and incorporating as many healthy probiotics and prebiotics as possible to keep our immune systems happy.
  2. Get outside. You know what's better than staring wistfully out the window at the rain? Getting outside and playing in the rain! Incorporating a little movement into our days - even when it's a bundled-up walk around the block - can lift our moods, keep us in touch with nature, and support our health. 
  3. Stay warm and cozy. When it's chilly outside, it helps to make everything inside extra cozy. Think giant blankets, movie nights, and hot drinks that are basically hugs in mugs. 
  4. Have some fun! Dress up! Have a cocktail party with your family our housemates. We recommend whipping up something a little extra special for the occasion - perhaps a Maui Mule for or an Alcohol-Free Mojito with Pure Apple Cider Vinegar.
  5. Embrace the pumpkin. Yes, pumpkin spice lattés are often the subject of many autumn-related jokes. But can we also agree that pumpkins are actually pretty awesome?! They're nutritious, super rich in Vitamin A (which is great for your immune system), and they're also delicious. Try our Pumpkin Spice Sparkler and see what we mean! 

Take a chance and fall in love with fall. It's a season of rest, quiet beauty, root vegetables galore, and a chance to spend quality time with our loved ones. 

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