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Maui Mule

The Maui Mule is a fun, tropical version of the Moscow Mule. It’s bright and slightly spicy thanks to our Ginger and Hawaiian Chili Shrub. The flavors in our Shrub are enhanced by sparkling water and fresh lime juice, plus you get additional health benefits from the raw apple cider vinegar and ginger. Ginger has been used as a medicinal digestive aid for 5000 years in Asia!

We love making this cocktail to celebrate both health and indulgence. After all, it tastes like a ginger ale and is packed with digestive health benefits! Ginger has been the subject of a lot of medical research lately, and findings are pointing to it being a powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, and potentially anti-carcinogenic agent. Going sailing or for a long car ride? We love a little ginger Shrub in our water bottles to reduce nausea. 

Ginger has been used in China and India for thousands of years to treat colds, coughs, and ease digestive issues, and now it's one of the most widely used spices on the planet - and for good reason! 

Aside from all the health benefits, the Maui Mule is simple to make and transforms the most average day into one full of happy hours. If you're interested in a non-alcoholic version that you can sip any time of day, check out our Miniature Donkey - it's alcohol-free, tastes like a ginger beer, and only has three ingredients (not including all the fun garnishes you could throw on top!). 

The Maui Mule transports you instantly to a tropical island. Every time we drink one, we feel like we're back on Maui, where we started Shrub Farm + Apple State Vinegar. We can practically hear the waves of the warm blue sea lapping up on the white sand beaches. It's been a long and exciting journey to get to this place, and every time we drink a Maui Mule we're reminded of how far we've come - and how much farther we want to go! 

So raise a glass, and cheers to big dreams, tropical vacations, and the power of ginger! 

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