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Our Non-Profit Partners

 Apple State Vinegar and Shrub Farm isn't just the purest and tastiest vinegar and shrub - though of course it's both those things too. At its heart, our business has always been about being able to give back to our community.

After all we love the land, the seas and the people of the Pacific Northwest who give us so much. The fertile fields and valleys grow the most amazing variety of fruits and vegetables, thanks to the farmers who steward them. And the rivers, seas, and waterways keep everyone, and everything connected and fed - from chum salmon to bald eagles to our human family. 

Our shrub, vinegar, and environment are all interconnected and interdependent. Our Blueberry and Lemon Shrub, for example, is made with organic blueberries grown by a family farm in Skagit Valley, which is nourished by the Skagit River which flows all the way from the high peaks of the Canadian Cascades into Puget Sound.   

The apples for Apple State Vinegar are grown in Eastern Washington, where orchards flourish in the warm, sunny climate. Organic apple farming is a key component of soil health and regenerative agriculture, keeping the land arable for decades to come.

We live on the shores of the Salish Sea and the ocean and waterways play a major role in our lives, economy, and community. That is why we donate 1% of all Shrub Farm and Apple State Vinegar sales to three organizations that are doing incredible work conserving wildlife and habitat in our oceans:

The SeaDoc Society

The SeaDoc Society is an Orcas Island-based nonprofit that performs cutting-edge research and education. Their work transforms information and science into action, with a focus on the Salish Sea. Checkout their website.


SR3 rehabilitates marine animals throughout the waters surrounding Washington State. They research and support the health of Southern Resident killer whales, as well as work with indigenous groups and local communities to promote healthy wildlife-human communities. Checkout their website.


Puget Soundkeeper

Puget Soundkeeper is passionate about restoring the health of Puget Sound, working to counteract agricultural, wastewater, and vessel pollution that impact marine wildlife. They advocate on behalf of the Clean Water Act. Checkout their website.


We hope that our love for the world shows in the work we do - you can almost taste it! ; ) 


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