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Healthy Heroes: Hibiscus

We love flowers for many reasons - they're beautiful, they attract pollinators, and they smell amazing (I mean, have you ever walked past a lilac tree?!). Another reason is that some special flowers are edible (and drinkable!), which means that you have a whole new way of enjoying the many health and culinary benefits that the natural world can offer. 

Hibiscus is a gorgeous flower that grows all over the world. The flowers in our Hibiscus & Orange Shrub are organically grown on the island of Moloka'i in rich volcanic soil, and are packed with antioxidants and nutrients - not to mention incredible flavor! 

Culturally, hibiscus has often been associated with the heart. Turns out, there's some medical backing to that connection, as well! Scientists are doing research into the hypothesis that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure, which puts less stress on your heart. 

Not only that, but hibiscus is rich in anthocyanins, which are compounds that are antioxidant and have demonstrated ACE inhibiting activity - just like medications for hypertension! Check out more here. Anthocyanins also lend hibiscus its beautiful dark ruby color. 

You can see the vibrancy of hibiscus displayed in its flower form, but also in the form of delightful drinks and food! On beautiful sunny evenings, we're making Hibiscus Shrub Palomas, which are incredible sweet-and-sour cocktails or mocktails best enjoyed on a backyard patio. And our absolute favorite dressing of all time is a Harvest Hibiscus Dressing, which has all the health benefits of hibiscus and the digestive goodness of apple cider vinegar. 

How are you going to celebrate this beautiful flower? 

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