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Vinegar Around the World: Let's Go To Japan!

Vinegar is a global phenomenon. Cultures all over the world have been pickling, preserving, and fermenting for thousands of years. We're always inspired to be part of such an incredible culinary legacy, especially when it tastes so delicious! Vinegar can be used in all kinds of things, whether that's making pickles, fluffing up pancakes, or adding a special something to sushi rice!

Sushi is one of the most famous foods to come from Japan, though another of our favorites - ramen - is close behind. We've got the travel bug, but luckily for us, food can be one of the most transportive things around. Just the smell of a certain dish can take us back to our childhood home or a city we explored in our youth. 

So let's go on a culinary adventure. Picture this: you're walking around Tokyo, city of almost 10 million, full of delicious smells and fast trains and people going about their daily lives.

Out in the countryside, the hills are green and verdant, dotted with temples and shrines. Hot springs are tucked away in mountains and valleys. And the food? It's some of the absolute best in the world!

Sushi is eaten in Japan for a variety of occasions - whether that's a relative's birthday, a wedding, or simply just for the fun of it! The first recorded consumption of it was way back in 718! The fish used to be preserved in a mixture of salt and water, but these days it's common to use - you guessed it! - vinegar. 

This is our tried and true sushi recipe. Of course, the fish is key, so choose as fresh and sustainable as possible. We're lucky to live on the shores of the Salish Sea and have close connections with fisherfolk up in Alaska! If you can, check out Sea to Shore Seafood for amazing sustainable fish and seafood. Sushi is also great vegetarian with our special pan-friend tofu. 

Okay, now onto the vinegar. Rice vinegar is traditionally used in sushi, but we're switching it up a little (dare we say fusion!? :)) and using apple cider vinegar instead. It adds a bold, juicy flavor to the rice, as well as some digestive health benefits. 

This sushi transports you to the bustling cities and quiet mountain towns of Japan. We hope you enjoy your culinary vacation! 

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