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Sparkling Botanicals + Shrub Farm Energy Elixir

Real Plants. Real Virtue. That’s the belief behind Sparkling Botanicals, an incredible herbal + botanical branch of Rishi Tea that we’re excited to partner with. They source their high-quality ingredients from around the globe, and have become known for integrity, sustainability, and — of course — the pure deliciousness that goes along with all of that.

When we heard about a brand whose mission aligns so closely with ours, we had to get in touch. We’ve been developing some recipes using Sparkling Botanicals’ light, refreshing drinks and our Shrub to create drinks that combine flavor and function.

This Energy Elixir is surprisingly simple for just how sophisticated it is. That’s because when you use such exceptional ingredients, it doesn’t take much more! For this drink, we’re using their Black Lemon flavor. It has only four ingredients: carbonated water, organic lemon, organic black tea, and organic black lemon.

They source their direct trade, heirloom variety tea from mountain forests of the Golden Triangle in Southeast Asia. The lemons are Californian, zesty, and flora. Black lemons are actually dried limes, and these ones are tangy, aromatic, and grown in the jungles of central Guatemala.

And of course the base of all our shrub is raw apple cider vinegar straight from the rolling hills of the Okanogan in Eastern Washington. For this drink we’ve used our Ginger and Apple Shrub. Ginger is invigorating and great for digestive health. Paired with the Black Lemon Sparkling Botanical, it’s easy enough perfect for a pick-me-up and elegant enough for a fun brunch or tea party!

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