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Sober Curious? Try Dry January!

January is a natural time of the year to reflect on the way we live our lives and make changes accordingly. For many people, this takes the form of New Year’s resolutions. Whether or not you’ve started a new exercise routine or are trying to cook more meals at home, it’s a whole lot easier to get some perspective and maintain focus when you’ve got a clear head. Hence, Dry January! While you don’t need to totally abstain from alcohol this month, many people use January as a chance to reset their relationship with their nightly glass of wine or beer.

Drinking less, or not drinking at all, for a month can result in some pretty significant health benefits. For one, it can significantly improve your sleep and increase restorative REM sleep. Energy and mood levels can also rise, and you might feel inspired to start on new projects or go for a walk around your neighborhood at the end of the day. A break from alcohol can also restore hydration and radiance to your skin, especially if you’re feeling the winter’s cold and dryness like me! Studies even show that after an initial period of social discomfort, not drinking can actually increase your confidence!

So let’s say you want to give Dry January a try. While shrub is a natural and fun pairing with different types of spirits, it also functions as a delicious alcohol alternative. When I come home from work, I often want to have a fun drink that makes the gray evenings feel special. And while wine or beer certainly fulfill that role, I also want to have the energy to keep up with some of my other seasonal goals, like spending more time at the climbing gym, going for hikes, and being really present with my friends and family. Enter, the Miniature Donkey! Imagine a Moscow Mule without the vodka, with a slightly sweet and spicy boost of digestive goodness. It’s surprisingly easy to make, fun to drink, and just a little bit feisty. Cheers to January!

Check out more Dry January inspiration with our mocktail recipe page here!

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