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Get Your Summertime Vibes On With A Shrub Paloma!

The sun is shining, the backyard is beckoning, flowers are bursting, and the air smells like sunscreen and pure joy. It feels like summer, and I want a cold, refreshing drink in my hand. Preferably with tequila. Definitely with Shrub.

Look no further than this Shrub Paloma. It’s bright, fresh, herbaceous, and packed with digestive firepower from our Hibiscus and Orange Shrub.

The Paloma is a classic Mexican cocktail that’s cool and elegant. Combining grapefruit and tequila, it’s beloved south of the border and is slowly making its name known in the USA. And for good reason, too — this drink is summer in a glass and is the perfect way to celebrate longer days spent with good company (virtually or in-person).

We adapted this recipe from Kale and Caramel’s Citrus Sage Tonic, and added Shrub (of course). We love the addition of sage for some fragrant, earthy notes — especially if it comes from Rabbits Field Farm in Mount Vernon.

Grapefruit is packed with Vitamin C and is great for your immune system, plus has a beautiful pink color that is just like a summer sunset. Bonus points for squeezing your own!

This cocktail can be enjoyed any time of year, but we recommend sipping in some late afternoon sunshine with good tunes on the record player (or Spotify, as the case may be), and someone you love.

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