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Carrot-Ginger Sunshine Juice

Well folks, it’s official. It’s springtime. This past weekend was an explosion of sunshine, bright blue skies, lupines, seedlings, bike rides, lilac blossoms, farm-fresh veggies, shrub iced teas on the back porch… the list just goes on and on. We find ourselves feeling more and more energized as the weeks go by, the days get longer, and the sun shines a little brighter.

Yes, we are still living in a new reality. Yes, times are challenging and unprecedented. And still, spring offers additional glimmers of hope — and the possibility of growth out of the darkness of winter. This is the perfect little juice to celebrate the season. It’s still boosting your immune system (heyyyy ginger and apple cider vinegar) while also indulging in some of life’s springier pleasures.

Kids also love making this recipe, though in our experience they call it Dinosaur Juice!

This recipe is adapted from The First Mess, a phenomenal plant-based recipe developer out of Canada. We’ve tweaked it just a little to accommodate for the addition of some delicious, prebiotic-rich Ginger and Apple Shrub.

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