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Fall harvest sale

Dear Apple State Family,

We are having a 15% OFF Shrub Sale to celebrate the best season of the whole year! The fall harvest season!!
15% OFF on all our 16 oz Shrubs & sampler 3 packs!

This is the time of year to stock up for the cooler weather on the horizon. It’s also time to celebrate the bounty of the harvest and enjoy 15% off of the finest Shrub in the land.

The Sale is on NOW and runs through October 30th, 8:00pm PST. While this Sale is running we will be out of town celebrating the season with our family and enjoying time with Grandparents and Aunties.

All orders placed during this sale will be shipped out when we return, starting on Monday, October 31st.

Keep your family's kitchen fresh, healthy and lively.
Josh and Tomo

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