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Salt & Vinegar chips get a glow up

Have you ever sat down with a bag of salt and vinegar chips, eat one, blink, and then suddenly — as if a potato-loving fairy came and ate every single one — they’re all gone?! Me too. Of course, those fairies don’t have to deal with the sore stomach and unquenchable thirst that comes after. That’s where these Salt and Vinegar Potatoes come in.

Apple State Vinegar is made from organic Washington apples and contains the Mother, which means that in addition to brightening up any meal, it also contains probiotics and prebiotics that support digestion and overall gut health. Combining Apple State Vinegar with a few pantry staples, this is a delicious and healthyish take on my much beloved salt and vinegar chips.

These “chips” are more like home-fries more than your standard Lay’s, but they still are a satisfying companion when watching March Madness, elevating your brunch game, or even celebrating National Potato Chip Day on March 14 (hey, why not!?).

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