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Nonprofit Spotlight: SR3

Our shrub is sourced, handcrafted, and bottled on the shores of the Salish Sea. Our vinegar is the product of sustainable, regenerative agriculture, which is a key component in maintaining the preserving our state's waterways. Our family spends countless hours by the ocean. The health of our marine ecosystems is of utmost important to us. That's why we donate 6% of Apple State Vinegar profits to nonprofits that work on behalf of the seas we love. 

One of those nonprofits is SR3. SR3 stands for Sealife Response + Rehab + Research, which is exactly what they do. SR3 does essential work on behalf of the animals and communities that depend on the health of the ocean. 

Humpback whale entanglements have become an increasing issue in the Pacific Northwest. That's due to a variety of factors, including whale prey migrating and clustering in areas with a higher concentration of fishing gear. SR3 helps free critically entangled whales along the coast. Find out more about how you can help entangled marine life here

That's not all they do, either. They're on the cutting edge of research, building a bio-secure marine laboratory where they can understand marine animal diseases. To find out more about the incredible work that SR3 does and how you can be involved, check out their website.

For us, supporting local business, sustainable agriculture, and clean water go hand in hand. Every time you drink some shrub or make an Apple State Vinegar dressing, you can know that you're part of a much bigger story. 

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